Quero Topo - Diretório de letras de músicas

Diretório de letras de músicas!

Letra da música Body on Me

Nome do artista Nelly

The way that your walking the way that you talking
you're the one I wanna spend this night with
tryna get in those drawers and bang it out
'til the morning I can already tell that you want it
cause your shakin it all for me givin it all to me
rubbin that body on me
cause your shakin it all for me
givin it all to me rubbin that body on me

Hey how you doin mama
I need to know your name
You givin me the eye eye
I'm givin you the same
It just hit me right now
What we should do today
Go tell you friends bye bye
And lets go hop a plane
It's no mistaken the attractions ironic
I wanna make you someone more then just a a bon in my closet
I wanna win that type of relationship
Where you wanna come hang when your man is trippin
You say your short this month and your late on your rent
He took your car watchin me hold this
Hey hey you see oohhh
You see lil mama outta control

Shorty movin closer and closer
And slower and lower yeah
I think she know she makin me hard
Got every man in the club like oh my God
She slicker then lody dody
She work her body body
When you done her at the party
Meet me down there in the lobby
And I'll be waitin on yah
And no debatin on yah
I got a seat for yah
We can let the top back and ohhhhhhh
We don't have to stop girl nooooooo
I got a lil something I wanna shoooooowww
Believe me your strong
Lil mama please don't make me wait too long